I am a multimedia illustrator based in Richmond, Virginia. A fascination with the animals and plants I observed throughout my childhood adventures on the Eastern Shore, James River, and Chesapeake Bay is the origin of my ongoing admiration of nature. I believe in the value of exploring the evolution, ecology, behavior, and environmental contributions of our world’s diverse species. Scientific illustration brings these concepts to life by exciting viewers and giving audiences more comprehensive understanding. 
I approach the natural world with curiosity and appreciation, supporting my work with inquisitive research and a constant desire to deeply know my subjects. Thorough research, along with careful observation, allows me to portray and appreciate the flora and fauna I depict. I believe scientific illustration is a vital tool to help audiences learn about the intricacies of the environment around them. A deeper understanding of natural history in turn encourages people to foster a greater care for the earth and its species.  At the core of my work is the fact that I value the process of learning about the natural world as much as I do sharing it with others.